Friday, December 4, 2009

End of the Semester Thoughts

Just finished with my 5th semester of graduate school in community counseling at UMHB. Time is flying by so quickly; it is hard to believe that I have made it through a whole semester of seeing clients! It was really scary for me to think about actually seeing clients at the beginning of the semester, but I think I am starting to get the hang of it. I really feel like I have found my "thing" in life...this is what I am supposed to do. Of course, I wish I was a great writer or photographer, or something else cool, but I think I am meant to just read other people's books instead of write them. I feel bad about the amount of time that I have to spend devoted to school stuff, though, especially since Kenny is supposed to deploy this summer. I think I have been so busy, I haven't really thought about him leaving too much, but I know that it is probably going to hit me at Christmas, since he won't be here next year for the holidays. I am going to try very hard to enjoy the time that we have before he goes, and not get upset every time a holiday comes around that he will miss the next year. I'm so lucky to have friends here who can give me advice and suggestions on how to get through this first deployment. Never something I thought I would go through growing up, but I'm an Army wife now, and this is part of the deal.

Found out a couple of days ago that Kenny's mom and her boyfriend are coming to visit us next weekend, so we really have to get ourselves in gear if we want to have our house ready by then. I'm glad that we moved, despite all of the stress (I will never, ever move again while in the middle of a semester)! This house is much nicer, even though I have had to deal with huge flying roaches and baby rattlesnakes. Guess that is just Texas for you. I miss Kentucky so much it hurts sometimes, especially when I find gigantic flying insects in my bathroom that I know for sure we didn't have in the bluegrass!

This is the first entry that I have written here, and I hope that this will allow me to express a lot of the thoughts that I sometimes can't seem to vocalize for one reason or another. It is sad that school has killed my love of writing, because it really used to be a passion of mine. Maybe I can bring it back from the dead.